More Geocentrist Double Standards: Using Pseudonyms

Geocentrist Rick DeLano seems adamant that no one could have any reason other than cowardice to post anonymously or pseudonymously on the Internet.  In just one of many examples, he recently blasted a commenter on his blog: “Unknown: Your cowardly anonymity, first, is noted. The first difference between us- it is a crucial one- is that I post under my own name, and I take responsibility for what I post” (link).  And Bob Sungenis also thinks that pseudonymous writers are courage-challenged (and dishonest, to boot) — for example, he chided one commenter on Phil Plait’s blog: “First of all, let me point out that “Seeker” obviously isn’t honest and courageous enough to put his real name on this blog” (link).

Perhaps Sungenis and DeLano are unaware that Robert Bennett, Sungenis’s co-author on Galileo Was Wrong, frequently uses pseudonyms when posting on various forums and blogs. Here Robert Bennett signs himself with his own name and talks about a pet idea for him, “aether vortices”—notice that he signs his posting “AMDG” (link).  But on the Catholic Answers Forum it’s someone called “Alethios” who speaks of aether vortices and signs his postings AMDG—see e.g. here.  On Ethan Siegel’s blog “somebody” comments under the pseudonym “AMDG”, signs his postings AMDG, and also mentions aether vortices—see e.g. here.  And here he is on another forum hawking his book Galileo Was Wrong and his notion of aether vortices under the pseudonym “AMDG” (link).

Then there’s the geocentrist “JohnMartin”. Sungenis has insisted that “JohnMartin” is using his real name, but “John Martin” himself has stated publicly that he’s using a pseudonym (see here).

And finally the reader can decide if it’s really Mark Wyatt, the president of Sungenis’ board of directors, who is posting in these forums under an assumed name — see here and here).