Some Background on the New Geocentrists

The new geocentrists and their supporters commonly embrace a range of conspiracy theories, from 911-Trutherism, to lunar landing denial, to holocaust denial/revisionism.

Is it just ad hominem or guilt by association to point this out?

Not at all.  The point is to illustrate how these individuals think, how they evaluate evidence, how they fundamentally perceive reality.  In short, it goes straight to the question of credibility.  Most people don’t have the time or energy to sift through lengthy and elaborate theories.  At some point, it’s reasonable that it comes down to who is credible and who is not. So take a look at at the views espoused by some of the prominent new geocentrists and judge for yourself.

Also consider articles like “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing” and “Geocentrists Fail Lagrange Point Challenge” (for even more examples, select the category “Credibility” on right side of this site.)  Ask yourself: Does the background, expertise, and judgment of these individuals fill you with the sort of confidence and trust that would lead you to reject a massive, centuries-long scientific consensus held in common by Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and yes, even atheist scientists on the motion of the Earth and believe them instead?

16062011-robert-sungenisRobert Sungenis
[Leading proponent of the new geocentrism:  Executive producer of The Principle (a movie promoting geocentrism), author of Galileo Was Wrong, organizer of the 2010 conference on geocentrism.]

Sungenis has an appendix in his book Galileo Was Wrong entitled, “The Personal Lives of: Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein” and in an April 2013 interview with In the Spirit of Chartes entitled “The Real Albert Einstein,” he stated:


I delved into the personality of the man [Einstein] . . . I delved into his character, and his relationship with people, his family, . . . his exploits . . . I always like to know who’s behind the theories.  Because these theories don’t come up in a vacuum, a lot of it is based on the philosophy of the person . . . I can go into the details because I think it’s the details that will convince people.

Without delving into Sungenis’s personal life, let’s examine some of his publicly expressed views and background.

1 ) Educational Background:  Sungenis, the leading new geocentrist, possesses no degrees in any scientific discipline.  He has a B.A. in religion from George Washington University (1979) and an M.A. in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary (1982). He also claims an unaccredited Ph.D. in religious studies from Calamus International University, which describes itself as  a “non-traditional” institution registered in the Republic of Vanuatu, a small island in the south Pacific. Others have characterized it as a diploma mill.

The standards at Calamus do not meet those adhered to at institutions accredited by recognized accreditation bodies–for a discussion of the standards at Calamus, see here and here.  For example, the supervising professor for Sungenis’s ostensive doctoral dissertation was his own co-author, Robert Bennett (for more on this, see here.) His academic advisor, Morris Berg, claims a Ph.D. in hypnotherapy from what he describes as a “non-traditional university” and specializes in past life regressions and neo-shamanic healing. Calamus was recently offering doctorates for as low as $1600, but one can still get a “Ph.D.” there for about $2000 (1250 GBP).

Sungenis publicly claimed that he, “accepted a professorship” at a college in Texas and “will be starting there in September 2014.” According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, a degree from Calamus is considered to be “Fraudulent or substandard” and “illegal to use” – a class B misdemeanor (link).

Physics Major?

For years Sungenis has been touting his expertise in cosmology by claiming that he was a “physics major”. But as documented in “Robert Sungenis, Physics Major?”:

  • Sungenis only took the first two most basic prerequisite physics courses that didn’t even involve calculus.
  • He didn’t finish the four physics courses required to fulfill the prerequisites for a physics major.
  • He inexplicably took two basic astronomy courses that would not contribute to the requirements for a physics major and were so basic as to be labeled “Primarily for nonscience majors”.
  • He took none of the undergraduate physics courses that are listed as “Required courses in the major”.

Down the Memory Hole

Sungenis has recently tried to memory-hole all of his conspiratorial writings by blocking the WayBack machine (the web archive), so no one can see for himself the scope of what he wrote and posted. This move raises the obvious question: if Sungenis doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with what he wrote, or if he is concerned that he is being quoted out of context, then why not leave the material there for others to judge for themselves? That being said, documentation still exists for the material below.

2) Lunar Landing Skeptic/Conspiracy Theorist:  As we will see below, it’s fairly common for the new geocentrists to also deny that men have landed on the moon. For his part, Sungenis has stated, “Any intelligent person who has studied the issue is going to have doubts as to whether the United States had the capability to put a man on the moon in 1969 . . . ” (link). More recently, he has proposed the conspiracy theory that the lunar landings were filmed on a Hollywood set by Stanley Kubrick.  For more on his lunar landing denial see also Dave Armstrong’s My Refusal to Wrangle With Robert Sungenis,  2012: A Sungenis Odd-yssey, and Robert Sungenis’ Responses to Recent Critiques (In reply to Armstrong, Sungenis stated, “Yes, I guess this argument would have some impact if I was the only nut in the world who doubted the moon landings.”)

3) NASA and Crop Circles:  Sungenis wrote, “I also think crop circles can be made from space with lasers or plasma projectors. All NASA would have to do is put a digital pattern in a laser/plasma projector aboard a satellite and then shoot it down to earth, and presto, you have a crop circle. It gets everybody talking about UFOs. But really, all they are doing is getting our minds off the Bible and Christ by making it look like neither are true” (link).

4) 9-11:  Sungenis wrote to journalist Jared Olar, “Yes, and I might as well tell you so I can beat Mr. Olar to the punch: I also believe 9-11 was an inside job and that the Muslims had nothing to do with it” (link). His stated position is that the “best explanation” is that low-yield nuclear weapons were used to bring down the Twin Towers (link). He expanded on those claims in articles at his website such as US Military Discovering Israel did 911 and Dr. Alan Sabrosky Ties Israel to 911. Sungenis also promoted the belief that the tsunami that led to the Fukushima reactor disaster was caused by nuclear weapons detonated by the Israelis off the coast of Japan, to punish that country for giving nuclear technology to the Iranians. The source he promoted also insists that the explosions at the reactor itself weren’t from hydrogen gas — those were from nuclear weapons disguised as security cameras put there by Israel (link).

5)  Jewish Conspiracy Theories:  For many years Sungenis promoted a wide range of Jewish conspiracy theories, including Holocaust denial (see especially here), on his web site and at other venues (see for example here, here, and here). He removed such material from his web site in late 2013 without comment.  On November 23, 2013, he wrote regarding his anti-Jewish writings: “I still have the same beliefs. That will never change, because I believe it is the truth. What will change is that I will not single out the Jewish people politically, culturally or in any like manner. If I should ever again write about the Jews, it will only be on a purely theological basis, and it will be said in the most non-offending manner I can muster. But to be completely open, with what has been revealed to me (and I cannot say what it is), I simply have no interest in dealing with the Jews ever again” (link).  With the exception of his new claim about having something “revealed” to him that has led him to “have no further interest in dealing with the Jews ever again,” this closely mirrors previous promises Sungenis has made to stop attacking Jews.

After Sungenis and his associates began a publicity campaign to promote their movie, The Principle, Sungenis came under heavy criticism for his publicly stated views on the Holocaust and the Jewish people in general. Subsequently, he has stated that he believes, “the holocaust occurred and that it was an awful event.”  However, as in the past, he has  remained vague on details and by grouping Jews whom he believes were merely imprisoned with those who were actually killed by the Nazis, he refrained from indicating whether he still believes the Holocaust involved the killing of perhaps less than a few hundred thousand Jews, rather than the accepted figure of approximately 6 million that reputable historians have documented.  He also stated that he “disavows” the many Jewish conspiracy theories he promoted in the past and apologizes for anything he said about Jews “that isn’t true.”  However, as in the past (see here and here), he refrained from indicating which of the dozens of claims he has previously made about Jews that he no longer believes to be true.

6)  Dinosaurs and Humans:  Sungenis believes that dinosaurs co-existed with humans, but that a conspiracy keeps that evidence “suppressed”: “So, has modern science found irrefutable evidence that dinosaurs co‐existed with humans? Yes, the evidence has been found but it is being systematically suppressed” (here.)

7) Titanic Conspiracy Theory:  Sungenis has promoted a conspiracy theory on the sinking of the Titanic, calling it “The Blueprint for 9-11” (see here).

8) Plagiarism:  Sungenis has plagiarized material from others on numerous occasions, as documented in “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing”.

Based on the items above, Sungenis has accused me trying to bring out every goofy thing he’s ever said or done just in order to ridicule and embarrass him. He summarizes, “but it was just too juicy of a ‘conspiracy theory’ for him to let it go. Making a fool out of Bob Sungenis is paramount. We must leave no stone unturned.”

Actually, the opposite is true: I purposely withheld a great deal of other goofy and paranoid material that I could have brought to light on that page, precisely because I didn’t want to appear to be piling on. For evidence of this, please see “Piling on, or Holding Back?”

imagesDr. E. Michael Jones
[Writer, editor of Culture Wars magazine and speaker at the 2010 conference on geocentrism;  his written endorsement appears in Sungenis’s book, Galileo Was Wrong]

1) Troubling Connections:  Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, has developed friendly relationships and made common cause on Jewish issues with some individuals holding anti-Semitic and other racist beliefs. He’s introduced these individuals and their followers to his theological theory that identifies “the Jews” as the “foes of the moral and political order of the universe” and has also promoted his book on the same topic at their websites and on their radio programs.

2) Conspiracy Theory involving the Vatican and His Bishop:  In a fund-raising letter, Jones tried to elicit donations by alleging a Catholic-Jewish conspiracy theory against him. He posited that the Vatican was so pleased with Bishop Kevin Rhoades’ performance in denying the label “Catholic” to a colleague of his while Rhoades was the bishop of Harrisburg that they moved His Excellency to Fort Wayne-South Bend (Jones’ diocese) just to “silence” Jones and even “burn him at the stake” for his writings about Jews (those are his exact claims: see here). For the record, as of January 2014, it will have been four years since Bishop Rhoades became bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend and there’s still no sign of any action against Jones.

neville jonesDr. Neville Jones
[Founder of “Reality Reviewed”; his written endorsement appears in Sungenis’s book, Galileo Was Wrong]

1) Denying the Lunar Landings:  Jones acknowledges that the stakes are high, writing: “It has been a few days now, so hopefully most of you will have had a bit of time to consider the Apollo Moon claims. Just to recap, I maintain that a Biblical, non-moving World cannot be maintained if it turns out that NASA put men on the Moon” (link). Adding more intrigue to his conspiracy theory, Jones charges that, “on 27 January 1967, Grissom, Chaffee and White were murdered, via a horrific pressurized oxygen fire, while locked in the capsule at the top of a Saturn V rocket. Two and a half years later, in July 1969, NASA faked a Moon landing with Amstrong, Aldrin and Collins” (link). For more on Jones’s lunar landing denial see here.

2) Solving the JFK Assassination:   According to Jones, JFK’s “Jewess” wife was the culprit.  Note how he combines both the Jewish and Jesuit elements into one conspiracy theory. “Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (née Bouvier) was raised in a Jesuit convent. She was also Jewish . . . Johnson was sworn in as U.S. President in his home state of Texas, with a composed Jewess, Jacqueline Bouvier, faithfully by his left side . . . The evidence . . . points to the murderess being John Kennedy’s own wife, Jacqueline . . .”  Read on  — The murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

3) Solving the Problem of Geosynchronous Satellites:  Jones proposes a novel solution to the problem that geostationary satellites pose to the new geocentrism:  Deny that such satellites even exist.  “All the geostationary satellite effects can be achieved with Earth-bound stations for positioning and with ordinary satellites for TV reception. There is thus no necessity, nor proof, for geostationary satellites at all” (link). “The purpose of NASA seems to be nothing more than to lead people away from God by promoting the heliocentric ‘Solar System’ and the ‘Big Bang.’ …… “Remember that the Devil is a master of deception. I am therefore not convinced that these [geosynchronous orbit] satellites even exist …… Ordinary satellites [asynchronous orbit] will do the job for communications, etc., we do not need geosats – but they are vitally important to the Sun-centred lie” (link). “The contrast between the truthful actuality of the geocentric system and the almost deceitful illusion of the acentric model, in terms of what we can see with our eyes, is well worth contemplation. It is a difference that goes to the very heart of each system. . . . These conclusions would mean that claims made by the American government agency, NASA, regarding space probes, gravity slingshots, comet rendezvous and so on, would be fraudulent . . .” (link).

4) Jewish Conspiracy theories (including NASA):  In response to a query why “no one” has seen the Jews behind the pernicious influence of NASA, Jones replied, “Hmmm. Well I have to say that I, for one, did know this association. In fact, if you read my pages that use quotes from an interview with Harold Rosenthal (‘Spilling the Ezraelite beans …’), you will see that Rosenthal makes it clear (in 1976) that the Jews have infiltrated the media, legal, medical, banking and educational/scientific establishments. NASA was not mentioned by name then, but it has been pretty obvious since the ’90s at least (although I did not see through the Jews until 2006)” (link).

5) Jesuit/Vatican Conspiracy Against Jews:  Dr. Jones posits that the Jesuits, who secretly control the Vatican, have physically walled in the population of Israel and are actively planning to murder all the Jews as soon the number reaches 6 million, in order to usher in the reign of Antichrist (link).

bouwDr. Gerardus Bouw
[Currently of the Association for Biblical Astronomy and; speaker at the 2010 conference on geocentrism and formerly a professor at Baldwin Wallace University; his written endorsement appears in Sungenis’s book, Galileo Was Wrong.]

1) Sea Levels Rise for Failure to Read King James Bible:  Dr. Bouw believes that the King James Bible is an infallible translation of the Bible and the only translation anyone should read. In his article “The Waves of Sin,” Bouw noticed an interesting connection. Waves in the Atlantic ocean are getting higher and higher.  He says that, “From a geocentric, Biblical perspective we are able to identify the cause of the behavior of these waves in the North Atlantic as well as other waves such as El Nino.” In short, waves are caused by increasing chaos. Chaos is caused by an increase of entropy in the world. An increase of entropy is caused by sin and confusion (“righteousness and gravity are related in a subtle way.”) Sin and confusion are increased because people are reading translations of the Bible other than the King James Version. That’s why the oceans are churning — QED. And he’s got the mathematical equations to prove it (“the introduction of the lie [of multiple Bible translations] has increased the entropy in the world by 4.6.”) Check it out here.

2) Gospel in the Stars:  Dr. Bouw believes that, “God, when he created the stars for signs, placed into the constellations the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ” (link). The astronomer claims that, “Using the constellation names of the decans, and the Semitic roots of the star names, an apparently ancient account of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can be traced.”  (Of course, this only works in the northern hemisphere, so those down south would be out of luck.) Some of the connections he makes: “The great bear [signifies] the sons of Ash, the assembly, the sheepfold, purchased (i.e., peculiar), and cut-off. The third decan is Argo, the ship that releases, the desired, of him who comes. The Egyptians saw Cancer as a scarab beetle. . . . Aquarius is next. He is the one who pours out the water and has the record of pouring forth. The water flows to the (southern) fish’s mouth. The second decan is Pegasus, the horse coming from heaven with the righteous branch coming quickly and joyfully. Cygnus is the third decan, a swan (also the northern cross) who gads about, flees, going about in a circuit. . . .” And so on.  Some have questioned whether such attempts are more aptly described as astrology than astronomy (see here and here.)

3) Plagiarism:  Dr. Bouw has recently been caught plagiarizing large sections of other scientific works in seeking to answer the very important Lagrange point challenge.  See “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing“.  His work has demonstrable mathematical errors as well; see “Geocentrists Fail Lagrange Point Challenge“.

bennettDr. Robert Bennett is co-author of Galileo Was Wrong with Robert Sungenis and appears in the movie The Principle.  He has been caught plagiarizing material in his contribution to Galileo Was Wrong — see “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing“.

It appears that he also holds similar views to Dr. Bouw with regard to the “Gospel in the stars”.  Dr. Todd Wood attended the 2010 geocentrism conference and reported that during his talk Bennett, “concluded by explaining how there is some kind of signal in the cosmic background radiation just behind the constellation Leo. Then he informed us that although the zodiac is today associated with the occult, it’s [sic] true origin is biblical. Leo is the ‘Lion of Judah,’ AKA Jesus Christ. Regulus (a star in Leo) is therefore signaling to us that Jesus is returning” (link).

To this, Bennett replied, “Adam named the animals, but God named the stars …. many still have their Semitic names. From Virgo to Leo the Zodiac is salvation history painted in the sky for all humanity to see, whenever or wherever they walk the Earth. What then is the scientific explanation for the aether flow from Leo – the CMB dipole source? What is the objection to my connection of Genesis and the Psalms with the CMB dipole- other than never hearing of such before? btw: Regulus is more than just a star in Leo – it’s the heart of the Lion of Judah….” (link).

Bernie Brauer
[Canadian geocentrist, currently of “Moving-World DECEPTION!!”]

1) Holocaust Denial (an exchange with fellow geocentrist Neville Jones):  Brauer: “Moon River? Not quite, but 3 space probes spot surprising signs of water in lunar soil…”  Jones: “I note that the report is by Seth Borenstein! :-)”   Brauer: “Good observation, I’ve noticed his name many times. But not only that I see jew names everywhere now, which makes me think there are far more of them than what we’re being told. The six million that didn’t die around 1943 could have produced how many additional offspring by now?”  Jones: “Too many!”” (link; emphasis Brauer’s).

2) 9/11 and lunar landings: “The people at the higher levels who are orchestrating the Heliocentricity Deception are not going to talk, and there’s no way anybody will be able to figure out all its details. And it’s also very important to note that when we point out to people that we have been lied to about 9/11, or the Moon landings then the Heliocentric Deceivers will try to trick everybody into discussing details that nobody has the answer to so that they can make us look foolish” (link).

MarshallHall.25092605_stdMarshall Hall
[Author of The Truth: God or Evolution, founder of The Fair Education Foundation and]:

1) Jews are in Control of NASA:  “Do you not find it amazing that no one–like NO ONE–amongst all the truly smart and informed people out there who have made the connection between Jewish Control of global power levers, but yet are either ignorant of–or in denial of–Jewish control of modern man’s “knowledge” base through their control of “Origins Science” via NASA et al?  . . .” (link).

2) Lunar landing denial and Jewish conspiracy:  “Of course, NASA’s stated mission is called its ‘Origins Program’ which used the moon fakery as a jumping off place for their stated agenda: ‘To search for our cosmic roots’. All space shots adhere to the program and agenda, whereby each mission is Missionary Work for the Pharisee Religion’s Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm of a universe swarming with extraterrestrial life initiated by the sprinkling of comet dust throughout a 15 billion year old universe…as dictated in the Kabbala as early as the 1st century A.D.  The motive behind all this science-fiction? Destruction of the Bible’s credibility on its foundational creation account of six days with zero evolution” (link).

3) 9/11:  “Personally, from what I’ve seen, the official ‘explanation’ for the collapse of the Twin Towers falls squarely into the ‘impossible’ file and the ‘explanations’ for Flight 93 and the Pentagon crash are not much better off. The ramifications are breathtaking, and Revisionist Historians are justifiably sniffing at all the rat holes.  The cover-up power is enormous” (link).

Niall Kilkenny
[Founder of – “Thank JEHOVAH that the Earth is NOT moving!!“]:

1) The Twin Towers Were Nuked:  “Ground Zero-The Nuclear Demolition of the Twin Towers!!

2) Assault Syringes:  “Vaccination is the the [sic] greatest crime against humanity. It is assault with a deadly weapon” (link).  Vaccination—Vatican’s Medical Inquisition Revealed at Last!!: Vaccination came from the Vatican via Great Britain!! (link)  “Both christening and vaccination are inventions of that old Serpent the devil!!” (link).

3) Nuclear Tsunami:  Another new geocentrist claims that the tsunami that inundated Japan was caused intentionally by  nuclear weapons (link).

4) Journey to the center of the stationary earth: “Have you ever wondered what’s at the center of the stationary earth? . . . The Bible says that HADES is at the center of the earth!!” (link).

5) The Anti-Bible, Anti-geocentrist Vatican:  “There was panic at the Vatican over the launching of Sputnik in 1957. Satellites in  orbit around the earth would confirm that the earth was stationary and that the Bible was true after all” (link).

6) Lunar Landing Denial:  “General Leslie “Dick” Groves and the Fake Moon Landings Exposed!!”  “NASA— the moonfaker people— actually named a MOON of the planet Uranus after the demon god Setebos” (link).  “The Pentagon was the prime mover behind the fake moon landings, as they needed billions of dollars to develop powerful rockets . . . not for a moon landing . . . but to deliver weapons of mass destruction to Russia” (link).

7) Holocaust Denial:  “The Holocaust Hoax Exposed At Last!!”  “In order to have a JEWISH Holocaust you MUST have Jews….No Jews . . . no Jewish Holocaust….It is not rocket science to figure that out….The real Jews disappeared from history when their task of bringing the Messiah into the world was fulfilled. There was no Holocaust of the Khazars either because Satan does not cast out Satan or get rid of his own people” (link).

8) Jews, Jesuits, and 9-11 Conspiracies:  “The Twin Towers were called David and Nelson after the Rockefeller brothers. They were demolished on Sept 11, 2001. The demolition has all the earmarks of an MI6 psyop or false flag operation” (link).  “The Rockefeller Syndicate’s hijacking of America on Sept. 6, 1901 and the destruction of the Twin-Towers on Sept 11, 2001, was the culmination of 100 years of Jesuitical craft, cunning, duplicity and cruelty” (link).