Geocentrists Fail the Lagrange Point Challenge

Geocentric Physics: Is That All You’ve Got?

by Dr. Alec MacAndrew four years ago physicist Dr. Tom Bridgman issued an extremely important scientific challenge to the new geocentrists, inviting them to account for Lagrange points in a geocentric universe.  Bridgman made his challenge in response to Rick DeLano’s breezy quip that, “Geocentrism perfectly accounts for LaGrange points” (link).  Now, after all this time and many repetitions of the challenge the geocentrists have finally given it a shot.  Unfortunately, their attempt is filled with basic mathematical blunders and material plagiarized from other scientists and twisted to appear as if it supports their case.

Here’s how Dr. MacAndrew summarizes it in his latest article, “Geocentric Physics: Is That All You’ve Got?”,

So, what have got here? Has Bouw made good on his boast to derive a viable geocentric framework for the three-body problem? Well, we have an analysis of the forces that would be required to keep stars and galaxies rotating daily about the earth but no source for those forces. That derivation contains elementary mathematical blunders and so gives an incorrect expression for the force required. We also have two lengthy mainstream derivations of the positions of the Lagrange points written by other people, which occupy 23 of the 30 pages of Bouw’s paper, one of which Bouw has plagiarised without reference or acknowledgement and the other of which is an exact copy of the original. These derivations are based on Newtonian mechanics in which the Sun and Earth orbit their mutual centre of mass and in which the Earth is not static. That’s it. That’s all he’s got. All we get is mathematical and scientific incompetence, intellectual theft and an abject failure to achieve the declared objectives (“Geocentric Physics: Is That All You’ve Got?”).

[And see also “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing” for more detail on the broader problem of plagiarism by prominent geocentrists Robert Sungenis, Robert Bennett, and Gerardus Bouw.]

Dr. Bridgman likely had no idea how prophetic he would turn out to be when he said:

Geocentrists, like many other pseudo-scientists I’ve confronted on this blog, seem to be nothing but posers.  They want credit and recognition for achievements they have not done (“Geocentrism: Failing Basic Physics”).


The Geocentrists have offered nothing but rhetorical games to back their claims – nothing of the rigor required by science and engineering beyond a word game to relabel the mathematics (“Heliocentrism’s ‘Vested Interests’”).


Everything I’ve seen from Geocentrists is a cheat, trying to take someone else’s heliocentric solution and then moving the origin to the Earth.  They don’t appear to have the competence, or courage, it takes to actually transform the known equations of motion, Newtonian gravity and acceleration, well-tested in everything from laboratories to mechanics to spacecraft, to a reference frame where the body of the Earth is not rotating (“Geocentrism: Failing More Basic Physics”).

Posers and cheats, word games and plagiarism.  Not exactly the sort of behavior that would lead most people to reject virtually the entire scientific community and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, to side with the geocentrists instead.

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