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Geocentrism Debunked is your “one stop shop” for arguments debunking neo-geocentrism, the belief that the Earth is the motionless center of the entire universe.

So what’s new? (Updated 07/31/2020)

  • When is an Apple Not an Apple?” by Dr. Alec MacAndrew is a critique of Dr. Wolfgang Smith’s attempt to explain the enigmas of quantum mechanics.

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If you’re interested in what sort of folks believe in geocentrism and whether the leaders in this group seem qualified and trustworthy to be advancing such a novel view, be sure to check out, Some Background on the New Geocentrists.

Here are some additional titles that highlight their fundamental lack of competence:

The new geocentrists claim that their views are compatible with modern scientific observation and they certainly use a lot of sciency talk, but as the articles outlined in Geocentrism as Bad Science show, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  And here are some more articles to fill in just how bad this so-called “science” really is:

Now for those who know much about the movement, it’s clear that the vast majority of neo-geocentrists hold the view on account of their theological/biblical faith views; the science part then gets shoehorned in later.  But strict geocentrism is just as bad and wrong-headed from a theological and biblical perspective as laid out in the articles summarized in Geocentrism as Bad Theology.  Some articles focusing on specific details are:

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