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When Is an Apple Not an Apple?

Thoughts on Wolfgang Smith’s Metaphysical Approach to Quantum Physics by Dr. Alec MacAndrew Wolfgang Smith has initiated a collaboration with Rick DeLano culminating in their planned 2019 film The End of Quantum Reality. As I understand it, much of the … Continue reading

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For the Fifth Time – The Roman Catechism Does Not Teach Geocentrism

In his new book Scientific Heresies Bob Sungenis has repeated his long-refuted argument that the Roman Catechism, also known as the Catechism of Trent, teaches strict Geocentrism as a doctrine of divine faith, that is, something that Catholics must believe … Continue reading

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St. Maximilian Kolbe Was No Geocentrist

The Kolbe Center for Creation is an organization peddling young Earth creationism and, more recently and frequently, geocentrism as official teachings of the Catholic Church. They’re wrong on both counts. But it’s worse than that for them. Ironically, Fr. Paul … Continue reading

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