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What’s New?

Geocentrism Debunked is your “one stop shop” for arguments debunking neo-geocentrism, the belief that the Earth is the motionless center of the entire universe. So what’s new? (Updated 07/31/2020) “When is an Apple Not an Apple?” by Dr. Alec MacAndrew … Continue reading

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When Is an Apple Not an Apple?

Thoughts on Wolfgang Smith’s Metaphysical Approach to Quantum Physics by Dr. Alec MacAndrew Wolfgang Smith has initiated a collaboration with Rick DeLano culminating in their planned 2019 film The End of Quantum Reality. As I understand it, much of the … Continue reading

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For the Fifth Time – The Roman Catechism Does Not Teach Geocentrism

In his new book Scientific Heresies Bob Sungenis has repeated his long-refuted argument that the Roman Catechism, also known as the Catechism of Trent, teaches strict Geocentrism as a doctrine of divine faith, that is, something that Catholics must believe … Continue reading

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