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Geocentrist Dodges Pioneer Challenge, Part 2

You can tell that you’ve got a great argument against strict Geocentrism when you see the geocentrists obfuscate, misdirect, do anything rather than actually address that argument.  In “Top Geocentrist Fails Pioneer Challenge” we saw that Robert Sungenis engaged in … Continue reading

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Top Geocentrist Fails Pioneer Challenge

Those who have not spent much time critically reading the works of Robert Sungenis on strict Geocentrism may be unaware of how often he resorts to debater’s tricks when responding to his opponents.  One of his favorites is misdirection.  In … Continue reading

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Geocentrism and Stellar Aberration: Illuminating the Earth’s Motion

by Dr. Alec MacAndrew and David Palm The observation of aberration of starlight is a powerful piece of evidence in favor of the motion of the Earth. It represents objective evidence that the geocentrists are wrong. Aberration admits of a … Continue reading

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