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Paranoid Much? The “Principled” Response to Flat Earth Geocentrism

Ball Earth geocentrists like Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano have been flummoxed by the tremendous surge of interest in Flat Earth geocentrism over the past few years.  As I wrote in “Growing by Leaps and Bounds?”, popularity of Flat Earth … Continue reading

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Getting on the Wrong Wavelength: More Basic Physics Blunders by the Geocentrists

In my article “St. Basil ‘Dogmatic’ on Geocentrism? Nope!” I note that the Church Father spoke of the Earth at the center of the universe not in dogmatic, theological terms, but in natural, Aristotelian terms.  To the ancients the Earth … Continue reading

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Flat Earth has Global Appeal while Ball Earth Geocentrism is Flat-lining

Some months ago in my article “Growing by Leaps and Bounds?” I pointed out that, contrary to Robert Sungenis’s assertions, it was not ordinary ball earth geocentrism that is growing “by leaps and bounds” but rather interest in the Flat … Continue reading

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