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Equivocation, Thy Name is Geocentrism

At the heart of neo-geocentrism lies a deliberate equivocation.  And Robert Sungenis’s “must read” reply to my article “It Really Is That Simple: Geocentrism Lacks Basic Evidence” is built entirely on this equivocation.  He deploys it, as the geocentrists always … Continue reading

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Sungenis Tries to Proposition His Readers

by Dr. Alec MacAndrew and David Palm Geocentrist Robert Sungenis has for many years tried to give Geocentrism a veneer of scientific respectability by a continual appeal to out-of-context quotes from scientists writing from the perspective of General Relativity.  Sungenis … Continue reading

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Dark Matter Illuminates Geocentric Double Standards

Perhaps nothing provokes as much derision and scoffing from the new geocentrists as the scientific discussion about dark matter.  Geocentrists take this discussion as a prime example of their contention that many physicists are basically frauds, duping an unsuspecting public … Continue reading

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