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Getting on the Wrong Wavelength: More Basic Physics Blunders by the Geocentrists

In my article “St. Basil ‘Dogmatic’ on Geocentrism? Nope!” I note that the Church Father spoke of the Earth at the center of the universe not in dogmatic, theological terms, but in natural, Aristotelian terms.  To the ancients the Earth … Continue reading

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Flat Earth has Global Appeal while Ball Earth Geocentrism is Flat-lining

Some months ago in my article “Growing by Leaps and Bounds?” I pointed out that, contrary to Robert Sungenis’s assertions, it was not ordinary ball earth geocentrism that is growing “by leaps and bounds” but rather interest in the Flat … Continue reading

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Why Geocentrism is “Junk Science”

Modern geocentrism is junk science because in place of a coherent, working theory which has explanatory power and makes valid predictions, it substitutes a matrix of special pleading gummed together with conspiracy theories.  So, on the one hand, the heliocentric … Continue reading

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