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Growing by Leaps and Bounds?

In a recent email announcement, Mr. Robert Sungenis stated that “Despite [David] Palm’s efforts, this movement is going forward by leaps and bounds, and, ironically, we have David Palm to thank, for the more of his caustic objections we answer, … Continue reading

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Aether, Springs, and Light: Physics Blunders in Galileo Was Wrong

by Dr. Alec MacAndrew 1 Introduction I sometimes browse Mr Robert Sungenis’s Facebook page here, the one called Ask Robert Sungenis about Geocentrism, because the spectacle of a man virtually devoid of education in science giving absurd answers to earnest … Continue reading

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Sungenis vs. Pope Benedict XV: Was Dante a Marginal Catholic?

Anyone who has followed Robert Sungenis’s many controversies through the years knows that when he is emotionally invested in a subject, he often fails to maintain a reasonable level of objectivity and scholarly standards.  For instance, in the service of … Continue reading

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