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Geocentrism on “Kresta in the Afternoon”

I was pleased to be able to do an interview with Al Kresta on Kresta in the Afternoon.  Listen to Al and me discuss the new geocentrism here (the interview with me starts at about 22:30 — just don’t be fooled into … Continue reading

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Debate Challenge!

The new geocentrists have issued a challenge for a public debate on whether geocentrism is a matter of divine revelation.  Here’s David Palm’s acceptance of that challenge: I’m all for a public, moderated, written debate with each installment posted at … Continue reading

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Welcome to Geocentrism Debunked

Announcing Geocentrism Debunked, intended to help those encountering a group of individuals who are marketing books, conferences and new movies designed to promote their claim that the earth is motionless and the entire universe rotates around it.

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