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But It’s Not About Geocentrism….?

At times the new geocentrists are just so puzzled as to why anybody could possibly think that their movie The Principle has something to do with geocentrism.  Other times, they quite readily connect The Principle directly with their promotion of … Continue reading

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New Updates

Check out the many new updates to Geocentrism Debunked (  In the latest update, you’ll find a selection of newer articles covering the topic from various angles—science, theology, history, and more. I hope you find this information helpful.  If you … Continue reading

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“The Principle” is About Geocentrism? Don’t Be Silly!

It’s interesting. Rick DeLano has been out and about insisting that his new movie, The Principle, isn’t “really” about geocentrism. (My guess is that the audience is going to get an earful of that tonight on the Michael Voris show): … Continue reading

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