But It’s Not About Geocentrism….?

At times the new geocentrists are just so puzzled as to why anybody could possibly think that their movie The Principle has something to do with geocentrism.  Other times, they quite readily connect The Principle directly with their promotion of geocentrism.  Presumably that’s why Rick DeLano commented to me:


You say “The Holy Office issued a ruling (signed by the Pope, with penalties attached) that non-geocentric views *must* be allowed to be published.”

You neglect to say: “The Holy Office issued a ruling (signed by the Pope, with penalties attached) that non-geocentric views *must not* be allowed to be published.”

It is precisely this that is anomalous.

It is because this anomaly has never been resolved, either ecclesially, *or scientifically*, that “The Principle” is by far the coolest, most interesting, and yes, the most dangerous film you will see this year.

http://www.pinaldave.com/bimg/waits-stopsign.gifWait, you mean that if somebody is confused about the theological status of geocentrism in the Catholic Church or about scientific questions concerning geocentrism they should see The Principle? How could that be, if it’s not about geocentrism?

(The apparent anomaly Rick mentions is explained by understanding that, while the Catholic Church’s discipline concerning the dissemination of non-geocentric views certainly has changed, the Church has never presented geocentrism to the faithful as a matter of doctrine.  See “Geocentrism and Strict Canonical Intepretation“.)

It’s statements like DeLano’s above that show The Principle is transparently just one part of a whole geocentric enterprise—books, blogs, conferences, and now a movie—and the main promoters of it try to tie it tightly in with the Catholic faith itself.  That is what Catholics have been opposed to, not because they have some strict attachment to the Copernican principle per se.  That is why the Catholics who actually know their faith will not jump on board with this.  It’s also why many of those who participated in the project now feel duped—they were not told that it was really just a plank in support of a full-blown geocentric enterprise.

The new geocentrists are on record admitting what their movie is really about (see “‘The Principle’ is About Geocentrism? Don’t Be Silly“.)  No matter how coy they may be now (depending on whom they’re talking to at the moment), this whole endeavor has always been about convincing everybody of the truth of geocentrism, as a legitimate conclusion of science and as a matter of divine faith.  So the geocentrists don’t need to be puzzled any longer why there is opposition to their geocentric enterprise, of which The Principle is manifestly a part.  The bottom line is that people who know their faith and people who know their science just aren’t going to buy geocentrism.

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