Here Comes the Sun, by Dr. Alec MacAndrew

Physicist Alec MacAndrew has weighed in on the geocentrism controversy with a new article challenging the scientific acumen of geocentrist Robert Sungenis, as well as highlighting what MacAndrew rightly dubs the “Great Inconsistency” in the geocentrists’ appeal to modern science.

The presentation below is rather technical. Many readers may not be able to follow the intricacies of the subject. And that’s okay—not everybody has the scientific and mathematical background to digest such discussions. But it’s an important point to keep in mind.  If the technical details of this discussion go over your head then take a step back and ask yourself:  Does the background, expertise, and judgment of the geocentrists fill you with the sort of confidence and trust that would lead you to reject virtually all of the scientific community on matters of science and believe them instead?

My introduction to the article may be found here and Dr. MacAndrew’s article is:

Here Comes the Sun: How the new geocentrists persist in scientific and logical errors

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