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Geocentrism: A Dangerous Pseudo-Science by “Anthony T”

Here’s a great piece written on geocentrism just about five months ago. How did I miss this? The author of, “Geocentrism: A Dangerous Pseudo-Science“, does an outstanding job of breaking geocentrism down both theologically and scientifically.  Here are some juicy … Continue reading

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The Magisterium Rules: The Debate is Over

It’s over.  It has been over for a very long time.  But, like a gathering of die hards who think Appomattox was just a temporary set-back for the South, this crop of geocentrists operate in a kind of time warp. … Continue reading

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It’s All In the Translation

What a difference a correct translation can make. Robert Sungenis has gone on and on (and on!) about the supposed deceit and duplicity of Fr. Benedetto Maurizio Olivieri—the commissary general of the Holy Office during the reign of Pope Pius … Continue reading

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