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Protecting Faith From Pseudoscience, by Camille Carlisle

Camille M. Carlisle, the science editor at Sky & Telescope magazine, has weighed into the geocentrism controversy with a new article: “Protecting Faith From Pseudoscience: A Review of The Principle” I am very pleased that other people of faith—in this … Continue reading

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Geocentrists Peddling Alien Theology of Centrality

New Feature Article “Geocentrists Peddle Alien Theology of Centrality“ Are you significant? Of course you are. But you’re not significant because God put the earth at the physical center of the universe, as the new geocentrists contend.   In the … Continue reading

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Geocentrism: A Dangerous Pseudo-Science by “Anthony T”

Here’s a great piece written on geocentrism just about five months ago. How did I miss this? The author of, “Geocentrism: A Dangerous Pseudo-Science“, does an outstanding job of breaking geocentrism down both theologically and scientifically.  Here are some juicy … Continue reading

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