Geocentrists Peddling Alien Theology of Centrality

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Geocentrists Peddle Alien Theology of Centrality

Are you significant? Of course you are. But you’re not significant because God put the earth at the physical center of the universe, as the new geocentrists contend.

In the new article, “Geocentrists Peddle Alien Theology of Centrality”, we find that this notion that the Earth must be the center of the universe in order for man to be significant is a new-fangled notion completely alien to classical Western thought and Catholic tradition. What the new geocentrists have actually done is adopt the false premise of modern critics and concocted a bogus theology in response.

There’s lots of new material here on Geocentrism Debunked.  Earlier this week, I posted a major new article by Dr. Alec MacAndrew thoroughly rebutting the extravagant claims of the new geocentrists regarding the cosmic microwave background (CMB). See “The CMB and Geocentrism”.

And my article “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing” predictably flustered the new geocentrists. They shot back with a 41 page “defense” full of personal insults and warnings of hellfire, along with admissions that they used other peoples’ work without attribution (but that’s not plagiarism, ahem). Alec MacAndrew has done a great job responding to their “defense” concerning their scientific blunders, mathematical errors, plagiarism, and more in his new article, “Plagiarism: The Folly of Defending the Indefensible”, while I explain why the core of their “defense” against the charge of plagiarism is entirely without merit in Madness: The Geocentric “Defense” On Plagiarism”.

As always, this matter of plagiarism goes right to the heart of the question of credibility and competence of the new geocentrists.  If you want more information that goes to this matter, see “Some Background on the New Geocentrists”.


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